Yee Yong Tong Kung Fu School
(Hall of Righteousness and Courage)

Gin Hong Tong Medicine Clinic

(Hall of Wellness)
(Traditional Chinese Medicine & Japanese Shiatsu Therapy)

Jun Jo! Jun Si! Jun Gaau Do!
Hok Yun! Hok Yee!, Hok Gung Fu!

Respect the Founder, Respect the teacher, Respect the Teachings;
And Respect your Kung Fu (Martial Arts) Brothers and Sisters.
Learn Kindness, Learn Compassion, Learn Justice, then Learn Kung Fu.
After you learn Kung Fu, you can protect yourself.
But if you are a hero, a true Kung Fu Man/Woman, you won't abuse your powers.
A True Master of the Art does not abuse his Knowledge by using it wrongfully.
If you are able to accomplish the Art, be Humble
If you meet a Student and you know he is an evil person,
Then you would not teach him even for 10,000 pieces of Gold.
And if he is not Righteous and has no Honor,
you would not teach him even if he were your Relative.
But if he Righteous and has Honor,
Then you should Teach him even if he is a Stranger to you and has no Money.
If you are able to Learn the Whole Art and the Secret of Kung Fu,
Even a piece of useless Stone may become a piece of gold to you.

The Fist is a Treasure in the Pocket
Do Not Display It in Public